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11 of Former President Barack Obama's most LOL.

A big list of barack obama jokes! 68 of them, in fact! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! As President of the United States, Obama was very much America’s dad, possessing a number of important parental qualities: wisdom, tough love, enthusiastic dance moves, and—arguably the most important dad quality—dad jokes. Throughout his tenure at the White House, Obama was the king of cheesy dad jokes.

22/03/2018 · Check out the parody video of Barack Obama unleashing dad jokes and Trump joes in a clip of his Netflix special. This is a joke. The Obama presidency is coming to a close Thanks, Obama, but for the last 8 years Barack Obama has not only been the most powerful leader of the free world, but also a dedicated, and supremely embarrassing, dad. The boy replied "Because when my father finds out I saved you, he is going to kill me!" Obama Jokes -- Michelle Obama Joke The President and Mrs. Mitchelle Obama are in the front row at a Yankees game. The row behind them is taken up with Secret Service agents, one of whom leans over and whispers something into the President's ear. 26/11/2014 · The Obama Girls Could Not Be More Bored By Their Dad's Jokes; The Obama Girls Could Not Be More Bored By Their Dad's Jokes. Ugh, parents.

24/11/2016 · "Of course, Thanksgiving is a family holiday as much as a national one," Obama said at Wednesday's ceremony, "so for the past seven years I've established another tradition: embarrassing my daughters with a corny-copia of dad jokes about turkeys." Carlos Barria /. Dad jokes are the most embarrassingly type of bad joke. Use these father jokes wisely for any situation where you want to be moaned at. 40 Best Dad Jokes which are embarrassingly awful! Pun.me. The entertainment was me and President Obama. He was very funny and made jokes about the fact that he ate a dog. Some people thought it was undignified for the president to joke about that. Personally, I feel like once you eat a dog,. Sasha evidently listened to her Dad. 25/03/2017 · BuzzFeed Staff. Share This Article. Share On facebook Share; Share On vk Share Share On pinterest Share On pinterest. 29 Dad Jokes That Are So Bad They're Actually Good. The 28 Greatest Dad Jokes Of All Time. 24 Mom Jokes That Put Dad Jokes To Shame.

07/04/2015 · 2. "My dad literally told me this one last week: 'Did you hear about the guy who invented Lifesavers? They say he made a mint.'" Tap to play or pause GIF Tap to play or pause GIF. 23/11/2016 · President Obama's 2016 Turkey-Pardon Dad Jokes: The DefInitive List Here is the president's "corny-copia of dad jokes" his words in his final turkey-pardoning of his presidency.

The guy is carrying his gf on his back, piggyback-style, when the host approaches them. He says "Hey, great to see you and all, but you know this is a Halloween party. 13/01/2017 · On many occasions over the past eight years, President Obama has been America’s comedian in chief. Just one week before he leaves the White House, the nation’s resident dad-joke maker made one more wisecrack. When NASA’s Curiosity Rover tweeted that it had delivered President Obama’s. Barack Obama Bar Jokes World Economic Summit During a World Economic Summit, Barack Obama, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and French President Francois Hollande are ceremonially riding in Japan's newest bullet train. As you might know all of these political leaders have big egos and this is what ensued. 20/01/2017 · Barack Obama: 44th U.S. president, Harvard Law grad, and middle-aged father who makes the most perfectly terrible dad jokes. Last year, the annual Thanksgiving Turkey pardoning saw the commander-in-chief directly address his penchant for some good old-fashioned dad humor. 13/01/2017 · President Obama traditionally saves his barrage of dad jokes for the annual turkey pardoning, but with eight days until he officially leaves office, had to get one last good one in. On Friday, the Curiosity Rover, a car-sized robotic rover exploring Mars, tweeted about carrying the commander-in.

10 President Obama Quotes About Parenting.

23/11/2016 · ‘Yes we cran’: Obama's worst dad jokes from his final Thanksgiving turkey pardon. Josh Hafner. USA TODAY. Barack Obama’s eighth and final turkey pardon brought one last opportunity to make America groan under a barrage of Thanksgiving puns. He did not disappoint. Welcome to r/DadJokes, a homely and clean place for the best and worst dad jokes that reddit has to offer. Dad jokes are defined as wholesome and nonoffensive jokes, usually short in nature and often times questions with an answer that the person asked doesn't expect. The best dad jokes also often contain puns or wordplays.

12/01/2017 · President Barack Obama has generously showered us with corny puns and dad jokes throughout his two terms in the White House, especially during the countdown to his final days in office. Did you hear his final turkey pardon? But with one more week left as Dad. 21/11/2017 · One of the latest traditions to arise from the US holiday of Thanksgiving is for the country's president to pardon a turkey at the White House in Washington, saving it from being served at the dinner table. Arguably, no other US president has made it his own quite like Barack Obama. For eight. 03/05/2017 · Barack Obama has a sharp sense of humor and much-lauded comic timing, but he also knew how to ham it up when the situation called for it. Every Thanksgiving when he “pardoned” a turkey while his daughters stood alongside him, he told “dad jokes” as they visibly winced. In his final turkey-pardoning ceremony in 2016.

Obama's Best Dad Jokes. STYLECASTER. June 16 · Embrace all the dad jokes today. HappyFathersDay! Related Pages See All. SheKnows. 967,604 Followers · Media/News Company. 20/11/2018 · Needless to say, the tenor of Trump's turkey-day jokes were wildly different from dad-joke-maker-in-chief, President Barack Obama's. Far from political attacks, our 44th president was known for a range of ridiculous turkey puns, teasing his daughters, and even some light mockery of the event itself. 13/01/2017 · Apparently, President Obama also decided to give the gift of laughter by dishing one last dad joke. Trust me, this corny comment does not disappoint. On January 13, the Curiosity Rover, a rover exploring Mars, wrote a tweet about carrying Obama's signature to the surface of the red planet, saying, "Signed, sealed, delivered.

Funny Late-Night Jokes about Obama.

23/11/2016 · President Barack Obama on Wednesday pardoned turkeys Tater and Tot, delivering a series of fowl-themed jokes during his final presidential pardon ceremony. “For the past seven years, I’ve established another tradition, embarrassing my daughters with a corny-copia of dad jokes about turkeys. Dad Joke Dog is an Advice Animal meme that features no dads, but rather a confused looking dog and baby in a photoshoot. Both appear to be engaging in conversation as the dog awkwardly tells the most stereotypical dad joke, which of course only ends in disappointment and confusion. 23/11/2016 · On Wednesday afternoon, President Obama pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey for his last time as president. During the light-hearted ceremony in the White House's Rose Garden, Obama dropped a "cornucopia of dad jokes." Before today's ceremony, the White House asked Twitter users to choose which turkey. 22/11/2016 · President Obama tells dad jokes during the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon.

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